How a Marriage Therapist Helped Mitch Buy 1,000 Properties

Mitches wife Tammi was steaming mad!

Mitch had gone out and bought another property…

‘Why was he always risking their money speculating on these god-awful houses?’ Tammi asked herself.

‘Enough is enough. We’re going to marriage counseling,’ she told him one day.

And so they did.

‘How exactly do you buy and sell all these houses’ the marriage counselor asked Mitch.

And that’s where things went pear-shaped for Tammi.

You see, when Mitch told him how he bought properties with little money down….and made mouth-watering cashflow.

The counselor forgot about therapy…

And instead asked Mitch if it was possible if he could invest with him through his personal retirement account!

Tammi was furious!

Mitch, on the other hand, had a brainwave.

He thought to himself if this guy wants to invest…I’ll bet other people will invest in my projects too.

And he ended up finding investment partners…that allowed him to buy 1000 properties!

The good news is, Tammi ended up being on board because well…money talks, and Mitch made a lot of it.

I’m not sure what the moral of this story is…


  • Go to marriage counseling
  • Find joint venture partners
  • Do what your wife says.

I don’t know, take your pick!
But, either way…Mitches story is an inspiring example of what’s possible when you find the right investing system and take action.

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