How a Sydney Mum Gave her Uncle a “Cashflow Miracle” through Real Estate

Image result for helen tarrant My uncle is a white-collar worker. He worked hard most of his life for the government earning an average income.

One day, during a family dinner, my uncle came to me. He looked serious, and a bit worried. He said to me:

“Helen, your grandparents are getting old. I need to quit my job, so I can look after them. I know you’re doing very well in property. Please help me find a cashflow property.”

I love my uncle and grandparents dearly. I wanted to help him quit his job as soon as possible.

So, I found him a commercial property in Sydney for $699,000 – that returned a healthy cashflow of 7%.

He was very happy with the property, as it gave him a nice start in replacing his income.”

But a few weeks later, he called me in a panic. Before I had to chance to say ‘hello’, he told me that the tenants were vacating in 3 months.

I calmed him down, and told him that we’d find another tenant.

And so that’s what we did.

But, because of the high demand for this sort of commercial property, these new tenants paid an even higher rent bringing the net yield to 8.5%.

This made the total net cashflow my uncle received over $60,000 per year!

Better still, since we bought the property in a capital growth phase, its price has also boomed to over $800,000. That’s an equity gain of $100,000+

Now, he’s able to stay at home giving my grandparents great love and care – without having to worry about income.


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