How a teacher got $14,963 passive income from a $170,000 property – in Melbourne CBD…

Meet Adrian. Best guy ever.

He teaches kids with a disability, and he’s passionate about helping them to live the best life possible.

He’s got a goal to replace his current salary with passive income from real estate.

And through working with Helen Tarrant, from Real Estate Cashflow Made Easy, he’s made a great first step.

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He bought this humble little office in Melbourne CBD for $170,000.

It’s got a 3-year lease, with a 3% increase in rent each year.

The rent is $14,963 per year – with the tenant paying for the outgoings.

And, because he paid for it outright, that’s $14,963 is pure passive income for him – giving him a healthy yield of around 8.8%.

Right in the heart of a major capital city.

A winning deal, and it couldn’t have happened for a greater guy.

And, you can meet Adrian’s cashflow mentor Helen Tarrant at an upcoming event in your city.

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