How a ‘Tree’ can tell you when you to sell a property

When a tree senses one of its old branches is ‘sick’ it doesn’t focus its energy on fighting the illness.

It doesn’t divert its resources away from the healthy fast growing leaves that produce food for the whole tree.

Nope. Instead it starts a process of ‘starving’ the sick branch so it falls off, before the decay can spread further.

And it’s the same with property investing. Each property has to earn its place in your portfolio.

Because each day, you keep an under performing property – you’re choosing to buy it again.

So if you bought a property and you realise it was now a mistake – you may want to consider ‘amputating’ that property….

So you can put the funds into something else.

Because there are suburbs right now, that could certainly outperform over the next market cycle. You just need to do your research and take action.

And you may need to cut off the deadwood.

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