How Amazon turned this ladies $300 investment into a 6-figure income

Imagine, turning a $300 investment into a 6-figure yearly income, in less than 2 years.

Sounds completely impossible right?

Yet, that’s what Amazon Seller Sophie Howard did.

Here’s how.

She sourced 100 units of a $3 product as a ‘test run’ to sell on Amazon.

They were a natural laundry product, which she sold for over $20 per pack, to eco-conscious buyers.

And, they sold like crazy.

She used the profits to add more products – many of which also did well.

And, before she knew it she was earning more from Amazon than her day job.

In fact, one day at work, she sold over $34,000 of products in just one day – meaning $10,000+ of net income to her.

She was rubbing her hands together with delight, at her desk.

But couldn’t tell her a soul at work – because she didn’t want them to know about her ‘side-gig’ – until she was ready to quit.

She got him from work that day and said to her husband Dave:

‘Why am I working in a job, when I can Amazon’.

And, before she knew it, she was sending the long-awaited letter to her boss:

‘Dear Boss, I Quit”.

What a great day for her.

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