How Kelly made $80,000 in virtually ‘instant equity’

Most investors hope to make money by long-term capital growth – over an 8-10-year period.

Which is a realistic and achievable plan.

But if you pick the right market….you can potentially make money much sooner.

Take Kelly, a sales manager from Sydney.

She followed Todd Polke’s property selection strategy, and paid $515,000 for a new property.

She then got it valued at $600,000, the moment she signed the contract.

That’s an $80,000 equity uplift from the ‘get go’.

This allowed her to leap into another property deal quick-smart.

Think about how long it would take you to save $80,000 after all the expenses of day-to-day living?

That’s the power of a well-chosen property.

The secret is a property selection system that Todd Polke calls ‘Riding the waves of wealth’.

If you want to learn how to ‘Ride the waves of wealth’, make sure you join Todd at the Property Wealth Masterclass….

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