How Sydney investors can ride the next ‘BIG WAVE’ of Capital Growth

Recently the prestigious investment bank UBS called the ‘top’ of the Sydney property boom.

Now, whether they are right or wrong…

Most folks agree that prices in Sydney won’t continue to grow the way they have been indefinitely. 

So, what’s the next smart move for Sydney investors? 

Well let’s take a walk down memory lane to the last Sydney boom to see if that gives us clues. 

  • The last big property boom in Sydney was in 2002. 
  • After this boom, in 2003 the median property price in Sydney was $420,000. 
  • 10 years later, the median property price in Sydney was $588,000. 

While property prices didn’t fall over that 10-year period…

If you sat on a property for 10 years, and only made $16,000 of capital growth a year…You wouldn’t be doing cartwheels. 

The market basically flatlined over the 10 year period. 

But here’s the wealth-creating secret you need to know.

There was another city in Australia where the median house price in 2003 was $225,000.

And, by 2009 houses there were selling for $520,000.

You’ve doubled your money in 6 years! 

That’s why you always need to be looking for the next big wave of capital growth is…and riding it. 

The good news is…Todd Polke is going to be revealing how to do that at “Deals on Fire”…

And the best part is…it starts in Sydney this weekend…with events scheduled next in Brisbane and Melbourne. 

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