How this Brisbane guy gets 4 streams of passive income – from 1 real estate deal

When Nhan found this property, he smelt rich opportunity.

Luckily, he was able to secure it at the right price, because it was an off-market deal.

Same people might have thought to put a house in the backyard – or maybe a duplex.

But Nhan saw bigger potential.

After working with the council, he put a Triplex in the backyard – while keeping the front house.

This means, he’s got 4 streams of passive income, from this one deal.

The net positive cashflow result: $45,000 in passive income per year!

Not only that, the project also gave him $280,000 in equity uplift too. Winner, winner chicken dinner!

However, this is just one of Nhan’s many passive income real estate deals.

Over the past 15 years, he’s done nearly 100 real estate transactions – so he’s always adding to his passive income.

This means, he’s not reliant on income from a job. Because he has multiple streams of passive income coming into his bank account every month.

This means…

  • He doesn’t need to go to work.
  • He doesn’t need to battle traffic.
  • And he can go fishing on a Monday or any other day.

And the good news is, he’s going to show you how to do this too at “Deals on Fire” so you can do deals like this too.

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