How this guy created 6 income and streams $43,260 positive cashflow – from one real estate deal

It amazes me how quickly Helen Tarrant’s students get eye-popping positive cashflow results.

Take Ahmed for example.

He’s a Doctor with practices across Australia – and a truly wonderful guy.

He met Helen in November last year.

By April this year, he created around $43,260 per year of positive cashflow….by buying a small shopping strip.

The purchase price was $1,030,000. So, about the same price as a tent in a park in Sydney.

And he put down a 20% deposit – so about $203,000.

The good news for Ahmed is….because he has multiple tenants, if one shop ever goes vacant, he’s got 5 that are still giving him an income. Diversified income stream.

Not only that, there’s also a 2-bedroom unit, that is not tenanted on top of the property.  He can turn that into an office or rent it out.

And, the moment he does that, the value of his asset will increase (as will his cashflow).

Now Ahmed, made around $43,000 of passive income – but if you even made half of that – $20,000 per year of extra income….wouldn’t that be a great result.

It’s like getting a 2nd income, without getting a 2nd job.

But the fact is, Ahmed’s not alone in getting great cashflow fast.

It seems like every week, I hear about a new student of Helen’s students getting amazing cashflow results like this….

The best part is…you’ll discover how they are doing it, at Real Estate Cashflow Made Easy with Helen Tarrant.


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