How this guy got TRIPLE the rental cashflow that other investors get

Win wanted to enjoy the sky-high rental cashflow that commercial real estate can offer.

However, he was worried about making mistakes, because he’s new to investing in commercial property.

And, he knew it could take years to ‘get up to speed’ on everything through ‘book learning’ alone.

So he decided to fast track the process by learning from Helen Tarrant, a professional commercial cashflow investor.

The result?

In just 3 months, he’s managed to secure a deal with a…wait for this….11% yield!

Now the average yield in Melbourne and Sydney is between 3-4%.

So he’s getting as much as TRIPLE the rental yield of the average investor.

In fact, he’s getting over $1,300 passive income per month – from a $227,000 property.

That’s extra money that comes in every month – whether he lifts a finger or not.

Here’s what he said:

“Helen guided me step by step from finding deals, analysing deals,contracts,leases and negotiating deal and getting head of agreement signed and achieve a long-term lease back

This has given me so much confidence and now I am in last stage of negotiating my second much bigger deal and I have no doubt about this will be able to replace my full income in next few years.”

Do you want to get extra cashflow from your investment? Would that help your serviceability?

Would that help your lifestyle? Then come and join Helen at Real Estate Cashflow Made easy to discover how to do it.

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