How this guy made around $110,000 in 1 day – by buying the right property

What’s the easiest and fastest way to create capital gain in property?

It’s not renovation, subdivision, flip, wrap or anything like that.

What is it then? Simple. Buy at a big discount.

If you buy a property for $100,000 under real market value – you make a potential $100,000 instant gain.


You’ve just got to know the secret of finding these golden deals.

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That’s why Todd Polke’s ‘deep-discount’ property strategy is so powerful.

For example, it allowed him to buy a property for around $110,000 under market value…

  • Without a word of negotiating.
  • Without going back and forth with a real estate agent.
    (This property wasn’t even on
  • And without competing against any other bidders!

He just used this simple investing secret… Signed the papers…

And effectively made $110,000 in one property transaction.

Todd bought an apartment here for about $110,000 under market value

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