How this guy worked himself to death

This guy’s name is Kiyotaka.

Before he died, he was working 90 hour weeks at a building maintenance company.

In the end, the stress got too much, and tragically he killed himself.

How devastating for his family and those he left behind.

“His colleagues told me that they were amazed how much he worked,” his father, Kiyoshi Serizawa.

This happens quite often in Japan – not only do they work very long hours – 12 hour days in many cases.

It’s not compulsory, but workers feel obliged.

I am glad to say, we don’t have quite as full on a work culture in Australia, in most cases.

But there is tremendous pressure on families.

Two of the biggest stress-engines are:

1. Mortgage stress – Trying to pay off a home when property prices are $600,000….$750,000…even $1 million plus for a standard home is very hard for most families.
Both partners are forced to work – and even then it’s tight to make ends meet.

2. Commuting – The other big stress factor is travel. Travelling through capital city peak hour is also very stressful – not to mention exhausting. It’s hard to feel refreshed for your family, when you’ve just spend an hour in grinding traffic
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