How this lady’s making $3,000 Per month positive cashflow from a $530,000 property

Wendy and her husband were a little stuck. They had built a very reasonable residential portfolio over 15 years.

But they weren’t getting the returns they wanted.

And, because they were both self-employed, banks saw them as too high-risk for any more loans.

But with just one commercial property under their belt, their situation has drastically improved.

In fact, it’s improved to the tune of $33,000 profit (positive cashflow) every year!

Before their first commercial purchase, the couple had previously undertaken a number of residential property projects.

The returns were always disappointingly small.

In Wendy’s own words, “There’s got to be a better way to do this!”

So finally, they started looking outside the residential market.

With the help of ‘Australia’s Queen of Cashflow” Helen Tarrant they started investing in commercial property.

Wendy’s Cashflow Breakthrough

The commercial property they settled on – a mechanic workshop – was purchased for just $530,000.

The whopping 10% yield is putting over $30,000 directly into Wendy’s pocket.

And the banks are loving it!

Their improved cashflow is giving them the borrowing power to purchase more properties – including another commercial premises through their Self-Managed Super Fund.

This will potentially give their retirement plans a healthy cash boost.

“We’re looking at retiring in about 10 years, and with this extra cashflow we can start looking at the next step of our strategy, which is manufacturing equity,” says Wendy.

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