How this Sydney guy added $4,000 per month to his income – through 1 real estate strategy

What sort of passive income could you create in the next 7 months, with the right support.

Well, Francis meet Helen Tarrant – Australia’s Queen of Cashflow – in May 2017.

Here’s what he reported in January 2018.

“In a short 7 months I have acquired 3 properties with a total value of  $1.6m.

Before joining Helen’s program, I like many others had negative geared properties. I’ve spent many thousands of dollars in property education and mentoring programs in the search of a better way.

With Helen’s teaching, I was able to find, negotiate and purchase properties with an average net yield of 9%.

Every property is different, and all came with some issues, however this is where having a great coach like Helen makes a difference.”

Now, let’s get down to numbers.

Francis reports getting an average of 9% rental yield across his $1.6 million commercial property portfolio.

Now, the average commercial loan interest rate is around 5.5%.

So, by my ‘back of the envelope’ calculations that means Francis is making around $50,000 per year of net passive income.

That’s around $1,000 per week in his pocket – after paying his mortgage.

All this achieved in 7 months – well done Francis!

So what sort of income could you create in real estate in the next 7 months, with the right support?

Why not come and meet Helen and find out for yourself.

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