How this Sydney investor turned $3,000 into around $200,000 – in one simple move

Helen is famous for being “Australia’s Queen of Cashflow” because she gets more than $6,000 passive income per week from her portfolio.  

But, she’s not all about cashflow – she also looks for big equity upsides in her deals.

For example, she bought an office in this building in North Sydney.

Then, she spent $3,000 putting up a ‘Gyprock’ plaster wall in an office to divide it into two smaller offices.

This allowed her to have two tenants instead of one – and increased her rent by $20,000 per year. 

This in turn increased the value of the property by about $200,000. 

All with one measly plaster board!

How much easier is this than slogging it out with a paint brush etc. on a traditional reno?

And, better still this is a highly positive cashflow property…and it’s in a major capital city – Sydney.

If you want to learn how to find and do deals like this, make sure you check out Helen’s upcoming evening seminar.

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