How to copy the “income-generation” secret of the banks – as a property investor

We all know the big 4 banks make mega profits.

Check out this graph that paints the picture.

The banks create this mega-money by borrowing at the cash-rate of 1.5%.

Then they lend it to us punters at around 4%.

So they make their money on the ‘margin’ – which may be about 2.5%.

Now, this doesn’t sound like a lot – but 2.5% of trillions of dollars of property loans….

Pretty soon, you’re starting to talk about serious money.

But the question is….how you can bank cashflow like the bank?

Well, what if you could borrow money at 5%….

But then…get yields of between 8% and 11%?

You’d’ be getting an even bigger percentage ‘spread’ than the banks….

This is what Helen Tarrant is currently doing with ‘set and forget’ commercial properties…

And, it’s allowing her to make over $4,000 per week passive income.

You can find out how she does it here at her free presentation…

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