How to escape the ‘pressure cooker’

A lady commented on a facebook post by Todd Polke recently.

She said… ‘why would you want to buy so many properties.

Life’s about more than money you know’

And, Todd agrees with her.

It is.

You see, so many Australians life is dominated by

….Mortgage pressure, making ends meet and providing for their families. In many cases, both parents need to work to have a hope.

…. Endless commutes in crazy traffic. Nothing is more soul destroying that sitting bumper to bumper in grid locked traffic for a couple of hours each day.

To make matters worse…. there’s no end in sight. You see, people don’t live this life in the ‘pressure cooker’ because they want to.

It’s because they have to.

That’s why when this lady says…there’s more to life than accumulating wealth through property, she’s right.

For Todd what property investing is about is helping people break free of this life…and live a life of choices.

Take Sanders for example.

He, was working 2 jobs to help his family get ahead.

Now, with Todd’s help he’s accumulated a portfolio with as much as $5 million dollars. And he’s dropped back to a 4-day week.

That’s a 3-day weekend, every week!

Ahhh that’s better.

Key point: It’s not about the property, it’s about the lifestyle freedom it can give you.

You either get money working for you…or you work your whole life for money.

Slave or master…you’re choice.

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