How to fail at your job and get paid $54 million smackeroos

CEO ‘golden parachutes’ – the amount paid to executives when they leave a company – can often be mind bogglingly high.
For example, Marissa Mayer is the CEO of Yahoo.
Eventually, another company bought Yahoo…and when she left she got $54 million!
Imagine, what she’d get if she was actually successful in turning the company around.
Oh and if you don’t know who she is…you can Ýahoo her name.

• Steve Wynn got a $358 million golden parachute from Wynn Resorts

• Safra Catz got a $137 million payout

• While, David Hammergren got $198 million.

For people like this investing could be relatively easy.

That’s because they can put their money into a fixed income account earning 3% a year and still have $100,000’s of passive income each month.

The challenge for everyday wage earners is to accumulate enough debt-free equity to retire on passive income.

Let’s say you want to retire on around $100,000 per year.

You need as much as $2 million+ in debt-free real estate earning a 5% yield.

However, luckily there is a path to follow to potentially amass your own ocean of wealth…

Todd Polke calls it ‘Riding the Waves of Wealth’….

And it’s a system that allows you to potentially invest in markets that are rising….whilst avoiding those that are likely to remain flat.

Todd’s going to talk you through this system on a webcast tonight.

He’ll also show you how to potentially buy 3 properties in the next 3 years…while playing it safe.

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