‘How to get Rich’ – Wisdom from perhaps the richest man who ever lived….

Oil Tycoon John Paul Getty, was perhaps the richest man in the world in his time.
His advice for people who want to get rich?

  1. Get up early.
  2. Strike oil!

Hmmm….hard for all of us to apply this little bit of wisdom.

But it does remind me of a story of great wealth being created, quick as a flash.

Many ago in America there was once a guy who had this ‘instinct’ that there was oil on hill called Spindletop.

He tried for years to find it – but with no luck.

Many laughed up his futile efforts.

But he kept at it.

Then he finally got funding for deep drilling into the hill.

And, what happened next was mind blowing.

A good oil well might produce say 50 barrels of oil a day.

This, however was not a ‘normal’ oil well.

It was a ‘gusher’…and it quickly started producing around 75,000 barrels of oil a day!

The roar of the oil coming to the surface could be heard for miles.

This lead to a great oil rush – and the creation of hundreds of millionaires.

Anyway, why am I telling you all this?

Because right now, there’s a phenomenon of cashflow ‘gushers’ in the real estate market.

These are properties that give up to 5 times the positive cashflow of normal properties.

And, on this free webcast with Helen Tarrant tonight you’ll learn how to potentially find these super-cashflow properties.


Hope you can join us…because just 2 or 3 of these ‘gusher’ properties could potentially replace your current working income.

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