How to ‘Scale up’ to $8,000 per month Income on Amazon

Recently, I sent you a couple of videos from Sophie Howard on how Amazon can be an incredible “cash-generator” for everyday Australians who want extra income.

Now let’s talk about the ‘numbers’ behind making that happen.

Let’s say you have sourced some products to sell on Amazon.

One way to think about these products is as ‘assets’ in the same way that real estate or shares are an asset.

So the obvious question is, what sort of return should you target on those assets.

Now, Sophie Howard’s return on her ‘Assets’ ranges from 20% to 50% but let’s average it out at 30%.

So if she’s selling $10,000 of products per month, she’s netting around $3,000 of pre-tax income.

Here’s what’s great about that.

If you can get up to say $24,000 of product sales a month on Amazon, you could be looking at a pre-tax income stream of as much as $8,000 per month.

But then how do you get up to that level of product sales each month?

Well what’s what this next video is about…

‘Fast Scale Formula’ – How to Scale up to a Healthy Income on Amazon


  1. Denise Gallagher

    Could I sign up for this please

    • John Anderson

      Hi Denise,

      We will be running a webinar tonight regarding Amazon in Australia and you can raise your questions, etc there if you want. You can reserve your spot here

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