How to “Split” your way to FAST real estate profits (without spending a lot of money)

Have you heard of ‘Splitters”? 

They are a type of real estate deal, where you can ‘split up’ a block of land into two blocks…

Without going through the normal costs and time of a sub-division process. 

That’s because the land is already legally made up of two or more existing lots on the one title. 

As Nhan Nguyen says: 

“If it’s a genuine splitter block, you don’t have to pay that 

$28,000 in council contributions and you don’t have to do a council approval because there’s already two lots there” 

You just pay a few $100 to the council and can have the block split into two in a matter of days.

Here’s an example. 

This ‘splitter’ was bought for $550,000. 

And, once it was split, the two blocks were valued at around $330,000 each, making the land worth $660,000. 

Now, as you can see from this example, these are not always huge earners.

You might only make $50,000 on a project after associated costs – such as removing the old house and tax. 

BUT… you can still do them from start to finish in a matter of months. 

And there are still 100’s of these deals to be found – when you know how. 

This is one of the investing strategies Nhan will talk about at “Deals on Fire” so make sure you listen out for it.

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