I don’t think this guy understands money psychology

I don’t think this guy understands the psychology behind shops pricing something with an ending of 99cents!

Anyways….speaking of pricing.

There’s an interesting case study that Todd will be talking about at his upcoming Property Wealth Masterclass.

This was a property Todd bought in inner-west Sydney prior to the boom.

As you can see, he bought it at a healthy yield….at a whopping $122,000 discount on the valuation.

This means the moment he signed the contract he made an equity profit of over $100,000!

Imagine how that would feel….

This is what’s possible when you understand property cycles…and have a network that gives you ‘off-market’ deals.

That’s why I encourage you to join Todd for a one-day training event…

Where he’ll show you how to get connected with a network that gives you access to off-market deals….and talk you through where the most promising property markets in Australia are.

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