I just got ‘schooled’ by an “Investing Genius” on Facebook

It seems that Facebook is full of investing geniuses.

Who knew?

I posted a case study of a commercial property deal that was bought for $450,000 and returns about $25,000 per year in net passive income.

(That’s after loan repayments and other expenses)

And, this guy – who I presume is Australia’s answer to Warren Buffett – commented:  “Very poor return!”

Now, given that Helen Tarrant, who did this deal, only put in around $100,000 to secure this deal (the rest was borrowed)…

That’s a 25% cash on cash return in one year! 

And, that’s without taking account any capital growth etc.

Now, she has to pay tax on that money – but hey that’s the case with most income.

But, clearly these investing geniuses on Facebook are getting far better returns.

Hey they are probably running hedge-funds in Wall Street or the Bahamas that are getting triple that for their

But, for us mere mortals….around $25,000 per year passive income from a humble little $450,000 property ain’t so bad.

If you want to discover how to find deals like this, come along and meet Helen at her upcoming event in your city.

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