I was an Iron Man for a moment (in my dreams)

So, I am up in Far North Queensland (Palm Cove) now for a family holiday.

And, 1,100 Iron Men and Woman are descending on the town for an Iron Man Challenge.

This is an epic challenge – 4km swim, 42km run, and 180km ride!

Epic. I admire every single person that starts – and hats off to all that finish.

So, here’s my little brush with the whole extravaganza.

I got out of the water a couple of days ago following my early morning swim – and crossed the road.

The waitress in the busy beach café stopped what she was doing…looked me up and down.

Then said loudly with a cheeky smile:

“Whoa sexy bodies in Palm Beach at the moment.  Love the Iron Man Challenge…”

Then, went back to serving!  And nobody at the café blinked an eye-lid!

Only in Far North Queensland, would this happen!

Now, flattered as it might be (Thank you Bullet Proof Diet and Crossfit)…

I am far from an Iron man.

I haven’t even been on a bike in 10 years…and as for running…my idea of a long run is 5km – not 42km.

But grateful to be mistaken for an ‘Iron Man’ in that brief moment….without having to put my body through hells infernos on the race!

This reminds of some people, around the area of money as well.

They are in Robert Kiyosaki’s words – ‘Looking Good, going nowhere’. 

High incomes. Kids at private schools. European cars.

But no real assets. 

Meanwhile, I know families who drive a Toyota Camry and live in the burbs…who could buy and sell them!

This is the ‘golden noose’ of a high income…you raise your expenses too!

To discover how to be high-income and high-assets’ come along to Todd Polke’s webcast tonight. 

You’ll discover the secrets of buying high-performing real estate….that could potentially give you a 100% ‘cash-on-cash’ return in as little as 18 months.

This means, you can potentially multiply your asset base faster….and be a REAL ‘financial iron man’…a high performer…with the result in the bank to prove it. 

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