Inspiring story of an Aussie Real Estate Billionaire

Here’s a story about one of Nhan Nguyen’s mentors – Maha Sinnathamby – the creator of a new city in Brisbane called Springfield.

Maha was born into a poor family in Malaya…and as young migrant his family came to Australia.

He worked out early on that he’s inspired by real estate.

While he made some money, many of his early ventures go bad…and he ends up in debt to the tune of $17 million.

BUT rather than going bankrupt – or fleeing overseas – he does the honourable thing and works out payment plans with the people he owes money too.

And because he acted in good faith – and sold the assets he held in his wife’s name as well – they were agreeable to accept them.

Some people might feel ‘beaten’ after this massive ‘failure.’

Not this man.

In fact, he was just beginning his life’s work.

He found 1,000’s of acres’ desolate scrub land around the outer borders of Brisbane.

And, on this land he dreamed of building a city.

But not just any city…

He wanted to build a thriving city with excellent education & health facilities for its citizens.

A family friendly community that people loved to live in.

But were there obstacles in his way? Let’s see…

He had virtually no money…in fact he still had debts

There were coal leases on the site he had to negotiate around

There was no road to this area – and the council was not planning a road in the next 20 years

Any road would have to be built through an Army camp – so he had to negotiate with them as well

Plus, he had to get full environmental approvals for the project
For these reasons no other developer wanted to touch the site.

Frankly, it looked IMPOSSIBLE.

Not for Maha.

He was committed to creating the vision…and he and his team took massive action each day to make it happen.

He even booked a ticket on a trip overseas that he knew the Premier would be on, so he could get some face time with him!

It was this perseverance, that finally gave him victory!

The road to the area was built…the first houses were built….and the vision was taking shape!

And since then, it’s gone from success to success.

Now this award winning city has a world class hospital…an acclaimed university…and a fast-growing community of over 20,000 residents.

It’s known as ‘Education City’ because of its high standard of pre-school to post grad education facilities.

And it’s only 1/10th of the way completed.

This is a project that’s going to impact the lives of millions in a positive way over the next 100 years.

All due to the unrelenting dream of one man…BRW Richlister Maha Sinnathamby.

I’ve rarely heard of someone who’s overcome odds like this.

As he said to Nhan: ‘’Nhan the reason my skin is so dark, is because I’ve been to hell and back”

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