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An inspiring story for you…

When Helen’s family moved to Australia from China when she was a little girl she had trouble fitting in at her new school in a tough suburb of West Sydney.

For one, she was a bit smaller than the other kids.

Secondly, she couldn’t speak a word of English!

But her parents, worked very hard to provide the best life possible for her.

Her mum sewed clothes in the garage so she could be at home to support the family in the new country.

Meanwhile, her dad couldn’t continue his trade as an electrician because of his poor English skills – so he worked as a chef in a Chinese restaurant.

This work-ethic must have rubbed off on Helen because over time she became a great student (once she learnt the new language!)

In fact, she ended up getting into law school…

Not only that, while at law school, she also started some beauty salon businesses.

And eventually ran her own beauty college.

But, this amount of work was running her ragged.

She wanted more time to relax….especially since she started a family a few years ago giving birth to her beautiful little boy Max.

Helen with Little Max

So, she decided to replace her income from the beauty business – with passive income from property.

It took her 4 years, but she now has over $3,900 per week of net passive income coming in from her portfolio.

Not bad for former shy little girl who came to Australia without speaking a word of English!

But here’s the good news…she’s put together a 60-minute presentation to show you exactly she did it.

And, how you could potentially replace your income with as few as 3 properties….

Now it took Helen 4 years to do it.

But depending on your situation, it may be potentially possible to do it in half that time…because she’s laid out the game plan for you.

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