Is this a house – or a portal to the underworld?

“Is this a house – or a portal to the underworld?”

That’s what someone asked on Twitter after reviewing pics of this $440,000 house for sale.

Another said “”We all hope to die at home – and this place promises that”

Here’s some pics:

Imagine waking up each morning in this home.

Frankly, I’d prefer to sleep in the yard! 

Interestingly, this home is considered a work of art – it was designed by an Eastern European art society to promote ‘peace in the world’. 

We’ll see how that goes – I’ve got a hunch that our world may continue to be plagued by war 

And, any new buyers might renovate to find their own inner peace. 

Speaking of renovations…of course, renovations can be a great way to make money in real estate. 

However, improvements to a property make money are not limited to residential – you can also make a motza doing improvements to commercial properties. 

For example, Commercial Cashflow Queen, Helen Tarrant split an office in this building into two smaller offices. 

This allowed her to have two tenants where there was previously only one. 

And guess how much this allowed her to increase her rent by? 

$20,000 smackeroos!  What would you do with an extra $20,000 per year rental income from your portfolio? 

If you want to hear more about how Helen does these sort of deals, join her at her free webcast

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