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morning Melbourne - CBD
Mercure Melbourne Treasury Gardens 13 Spring St, Melbourne, VIC 3000

9.30am (Registration) 10am - 1pm (Event)
morning Sydney - CBD
Sir Stamford at Circular Quay 93 Macquarie St, Sydney NSW 2000

9.30am (Registration) 10am - 1pm (Event)

“This marketing guru’s formula delivered 812,000 leads in just 1 week

John Dwyer is Australia’s #1 ‘Avalanche Lead Generation‘ expert showing you online & offline strategies to attract a FLOODS of new clients.

His unique ‘Happy Meal’ Lead Attraction Secret is pure gold.

Use it if you want to attract 23 - 48 even up to 108+ new qualified leads per day.

You’ll see 7+ case studies demonstrating how it works so you can easily “swipe” the secret for your business.

Plus, if you want your Facebook ads to start giving you super-cheap hot leads... John will show you ‘HOW’.

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Now, the Genius Behind a Jerry Seinfeld Marketing Campaign Wants to Triple Your Sales with “WOW Marketing”.

After the final season of Seinfeld, the networks begged Jerry to make one more season.

Rumour has it that they even offered him $100 million and Jerry turned it down.

Yet, John Dwyer from Australia was able to pull him out of retirement – for a humble little Aussie building society campaign.

The result?

The society TRIPLED its home loan market share in the first 24 months of its launch!

At this event, you’ll discover the ‘inside story’ of exactly what “JD’ said to pull off this amazing marketing coup.

And more importantly HOW this coup relates to small and medium sized business owners to attract new clients so you can scoop ‘star power’ to skyrocket your company’s sales almost overnight – on a shoe string budget. You’ll be amazed at what’s possible for your brand and sales, when you discover this ‘star-power’ secret.

You’ll find out ‘dynamite’ strategies to skyrocket you sales in record time

These are the same secrets that have already resulted in over $15 Billion of sales for Aussie businesses!

You’ll also discover:

  • 1

    The simple ‘tweak’ to turn your website into a 24/7 sales machine... so you are converting visitors into leads and “sales!”.

  • 2

    How to make sure you don’t miss out on the “social media” GOLD RUSH... See how to get a 5x1 ROI through your ad spend on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

  • 3

    How to get free publicity in the media for your products or services – yes, FREE!

  • 4

    How to give away MASSIVE prizes like $250,000, $500,000 or even $1,000,000 to create massive buzz around your brand. And yet only pay a few thousand dollars for the privilege!

  • 5

    How John created a literal ‘traffic jam’ of people queuing up for a Melbourne based business... without spending a cent on more advertising.

  • 6

    How John sold over $30,000 of excess stock for a supplier to landscapers – Using nothing more than pen, ink and some beverages.

    Plus, much more.

Tickets are FREE. However, you can also upgrade to ‘Golden VIP’ for $37.

Becoming a Golden VIP is an invaluable opportunity to “get up close & personal” with a marketing “ideas maverick”.

45 minutes to the start of JD’s 10:00am presentation, we’ll be having an informal “Soiree Breakfast” hosted by JD.

From 9.15am onwards, you can enjoy Coffee, Pastries and Creamy hot chocolate together with JD – in a “private VIP environment” with a limited number of other business owners.

Here’s your chance to ask a one-of-a-kind “marketing genius” questions about growing your business!

It’s a “must-attend” pre-event function for any “really serious biz owner”.

You will get the chance to upgrade to VIP once you register for your FREE ticket.

John Dwyer WOW Marketing Masterclass
John Dwyer WOW Marketing Masterclass
John Dwyer WOW Marketing Masterclass

About John Dwyer – " Australia’s King of WOW Marketing "

John Dwyer is said to have the “Midas Touch” in the world of marketing and entertainment.

He created the acclaimed TV show “Dreams Can Come True” featuring the likes of Steven Spielberg, Princess Di, Paul Hogan and even Michael Jordan.

He’s also sold millions of dollars of different products and services in his own businesses - everything from $12 million of Bubble Gum Rugby League Cards to advertising services of his own ad agency - which he successfully sold.

His ‘Wow Marketing Ideas’ have been in hot demand at the big end of town with companies such as Westfield, Channel 9, McDonald’s, 7 Eleven, KFC, The Greater Building Society & Madura Tea all paying him big money.

However, he has also recognised the need for ‘Wow’ Marketing ideas in small and medium sized businesses.

So, he’s agreed to run an ‘Exclusive Roadshow’ to showcase his ‘marketing dynamite’ across Australia.

Seating is limited at each venue and they will run out fast.

Grab your seat now to avoid disappointment.

What you’ll walk away with after this 3-hour Masterclass:

  • 1

    The #1 proven winning AD template for Facebook and Offline media - to almost instantly flood your business with new leads

  • 2

    FREE MARKETING!How to get your competitors to effectively FUND your marketing for you. Plus, thank you for the ‘privilege’.

  • 3

    How to get one out of 3 people to buy from you and up to 61% to buy again. The ‘Wow’ marketing secret that works almost every time.

  • 4

    Never compete on price again! A NSW company used this secret and their phone line was jammed with callers the next day. And, yet they never mentioned their price in the ads.

  • 5

    The “Underdog Equaliser”. What to do if you’re up against strong competition. How to quickly turn the tables and start grabbing the lion’s share of new customers Without spending more on ads.

Make your Facebook PPC Ads WORK at last.

How one Business owner boosted their Facebook Clicks from 4,000 to 95,000 in a week... in one simple move

If you’re like many other business owners frustrated with pouring money into Facebook “pay per click” ads & getting a poor return, this event is for you.

That’s because John will be showcasing his ‘proven-formula’ for getting a ‘whopper’ response from such ads.

He’ll showcase real “case studies” where business owners have followed his system and enjoyed extraordinary returns on their investment.

For example, one John’s clients followed his formula and increased the Facebook ad clicks from 4,000 to 95,000 in a week – due to a simple, but electrifying technique that John will show you.

Rarely Revealed - Unique Marketing 'WOW' System

If you’ve been to other seminars, you’re probably tired of hearing the same old marketing 101 philosophies that have been pedalled for years.

Well get ready for something completely difference. Because, JD’s Wheel of Wow Client Attraction System will provide you with priceless advantages over your competition.

They won’t know what’s happening when almost overnight you attract 100’s of new leads and customers into your business.