Judge takes of robe & wallops defendant!

You couldn’t make this up.

Recently this Judge was getting frustrated with a defendant that was talking back, and not playing nicely.


So what did he do? He did what any self-respecting judge would do.

He took of his robe and started walloping into the defendant!

Turns out, this may have been entirely legitimate. The law in the area states:

“A judge has the power to take whatever action is necessary to maintain order in the courtroom.”

Talk about taking matters into your own hands.

Speaking of which, Nhan’s students are doing – taking matters into their own hands in the property market.

Even in this high priced market…

Even with the APRA finance changes…

Everyday they are finding “cracker deals” – off market, before real estate agents even get a whiff of them.

This means, no competitive open to inspections or auctions.

Just bargain deals, they can make a quick profit on.

Take Nhan for example. Just recently, he bought this house for $320,000.

Ok admittedly, it looks a piece of crap house.

BUT…the median in the area is $384,000.

But because he bought it ‘off-market’, he got it for a great price.

But here’s the best part?

The purchase settlement date was 15th August.

And, Nhan on sold it for $405,000 – with a sales settlement date of September 5th 2016.

That’s just 21 days from settlement to settlement – with a healthy approx. $60,000 profit.

Without any painting or improvements!


If you want to find out how to do ‘quick money’ deals like this, then you need to act quickly because the events coming up soon…

And some venues – particularly Glen Waverly – are close to capacity.

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