(Last Chance) Where to find ‘cracker deals’ in Brisbane and Goldcoast right now

You are invited to join Nhan Nguyen at the complimentary ‘fast track real estate’ masterclass.

This is your chance to discover how his students are crushing it in the Goldcoast and Brisbane market places….right now.

You’ll see real case studies of deals done in the last few months.

Click here to claim a free ticket to the Fast Track Real Estate Masterclass

You’ll discover…

  • How 2 investors made over $98,000 profit in 2 months – by using a little known website. Not re.com.au or domain, or a foreclosure website. But it’s packed with bargains!
  • How a full time carer made just shy of $500,000 profit. Without putting a cent of her own money into the deal
  • How a NSW investor got $200,000 of extra money to buy real estate – using just her mobile phone!
  • How to own sizzling cashflow deals – within 15km of the capital city. Yes, do they exist. Here’s how to find them.
  • Backyard Dollars! How an everyday employee turned her own backyard into a $140,000
  • The ‘magic words’ to say to real estate agents to find ‘cracker deals’. Works like a charm almost every time.
  • And much more…

    Be quick to register, because the first event is tomorrow – so this is the last reminder we’ll send out.

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