Live Amazon Masterclass: School teacher makes $2,000 in profit in first month on Amazon

Rafay’s a school teacher from West Sydney who loves helping kids learn and grow.

But, he also wants to replace his income, so he can have more freedom over his time – and inspire his family in ‘what’s possible’.

So, last year he decided to start a business selling products on Amazon.

It took him a while to source the right product – but when he listed them on Amazon the results were amazing.

In fact, in his first month of going live he made a healthy $2,000 profit.

And, now when he wakes up every morning – looks at his phone and sees that he’s made more money while he

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Now, that’s just from one product.

Rafay’s now in the process of adding up to 5 more products so he can ‘ramp’ his monthly income up.

His goal is to replace his income in the next 6 months, and he’s well on the way.

The good news is, you can learn exactly how he did it at this free Live Event.

You’ll discover how to get started…even if you have no clue on what product to sell, and don’t have a lot of money to get going.

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  1. Amanda Davey

    I would like to sell on Amazon USA and I believe they can source products that are scrutinised in China and sent and sold via Amazon USA, I live in Australia which Amazon has GST problems.
    Is this possible as I do not know what to sell, that will be of good quality, therefore less problematic to buyer and seller? I pay for clicks,I understand that. What other costs does Amazon charge me?
    How much product do you buy from China to send to Amazon USA at first as you don’t know if it will sell?

    • John Anderson

      Hi Amanda, someone from our team will get in touch with you in the next few hours.

  2. Malta

    Hi John.
    I am wanting to know what the start up costs are approximately to set up as a seller for Amazon.

    • John Anderson

      Hi Malta, someone from our team will keep in touch with you in the next few hours.


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