“Magic Pudding” Secret of Debt-Free Real Estate Cashflow

When I was little my Mum read me a story about the ‘Magic Pudding’.

No matter how much you ate off this pudding…the bowl was always full!

An endless supply of pudding.

This is the stuff dreams are made of!

So, what does this have to do with positive cash-flow real estate?

Let me explain.

An important goal for Helen Tarrant is to help parents retire comfortably.

So, she recently helped them secure a commercial property in greater Brisbane in December 2017 for their SMSF.

It’s a humble property.

They bought it for $260,000, with a 9.6% yield so it generates a healthy positive cashflow of around $10,000 per year (That’s net income after loan repayments).

Because of the high yield of this property… they plan to use the positive cashflow, along with some contributions, to pay it off over the next 7 years.

So, they can own it debt-free when they retire – which is exactly what you want in your golden years. But, here’s the great thing about this strategy.

By paying down the debt so aggressively they avoid paying much interest on the loan.

And, as the loan gets smaller their net cashflow will automatically increase… allowing them to pay it off even quicker.

A virtuous cycle.

Then, once it’s debt free, they’ll enjoy more than double the cashflow from the property – around $25,000 per year, or around $2,000 per month.

And, bar the odd vacancy, that cashflow will keep on coming in like clockwork each month over the years – just like the never-ending magic pudding.

If you’d love to set yourself up with your own ‘magic pudding’ of debt-free passive income properties, make sure you join Helen at this free event.

Because, she’ll show you how to get started the right way.

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