Magical photo – plus inspiring and thought-provoking nuggets

I’ve been following a guy called @Vala Ashfar on Twitter and he shares some inspiring nuggets, that I thought I’d pass onto you….

Here’s the deepest stair well in the world – it’s in Rajasthan in India.

Folks used to have to carry water from the depths of it to the top! Epic work out.

2 more fun facts:

If you broke the world up into languages, here’s what we’d speak:
Language of 7.2 billion people

1.39b —Chinese
588m —Hindi
572m —English
467m —Arabic
389m —Spanish
250m —Bengali

If 100 people lived on the planet, 56 people wouldn’t have internet and 1 person would have half the money.
On that point, here’s some words to live by.

If you are more fortunate than others, it is better to build a longer table than a taller fence.

Speaking of wealth…

Here’s a really useful video on one of the hidden dangers when your ‘shopping’ for an investment property…

This happened to Todd when ‘investment property’ shopping – and if you don’t watch out, it could happen to you too.

Check it out here:

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