Malcolm Turnbull & the negotiating secret of the ‘bizarre’ Billionaire

Before politics, our PM Malcolm Turnbull had a very successful former life in business, and as a barrister.

One of his clients was the famous Billionaire, the late Kerry Packer.

One day Malcolm said to him….

‘Kerry, this is a very bizarre way to run a public company.’

Kerry packer, leaned back in his chair, put his hands over his chest and smiled and said….

‘Ah, Malcolm, what you have overlooked is that I am a very bizarre person’.

True story.

Another time, Packer was in negotiation with Alan Bond for the sale of Channel 9.

Once the Bond team was in his office Packer gazed moistly at a picture of his father on the wall.

‘When I look at my father and wonder what he’d think of me selling Nine…well I don’t think he’d want me to do it’, he said.

When the Bond team was gone….having agreed to an amazing price of over $1billion he turned to Turnball and winked.

‘Now son, how’d that go’? he asked.

Hopefully Turnbull, can now use the business skills from his past to ‘kick start’ our economy into overdrive….

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