Millionaires living on Welfare Road?

Australian property prices have reached some giddy heights in past years.

I’ve certainly driven through certain suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne and said…

“People pay $1.5 million for that piece of crap!”

Location, location, location, right?

But the truth is on an international scale even our most expensive suburbs….still look relatively cheap.

For example, in Hong Kong there’s a 745 sq. ft apartment listed for $2.8 million. That’s foot not metres.

It’s in a luxurious complex called Marinella, ironically on a street called Welfare Road.

We haven’t reached prices like that in Australia, but it’s potentially possible.

That’s because Australia is a coveted place to live by wealthy people from all across the world.

Our clean air, rule of law, good business environment, great schools, beautiful beaches….all combine to make this a super-desirable place to live.

And over time, this will help to push up prices even further, in certain key locations.

The question is are you ready to ride this new wave of wealth?

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Then make sure you join Todd Polke at Property Wealth Masterclass.

That’s because there’s never been a better time than now to become wealthy through property investing….due to the worldwide desirability of Australian real estate.

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