My pick for President

Who will be president – Secretary Clinton, or Donald Trump?

Judging by the huge surge of early Hispanic votes being cast in states like Nevada and Florida, it’s already reasonably obvious…

But, let’s leave the suspense hanging for a moment, until Wednesday when we’ll have the final counts in…

So who’s my pick?

Well, I know who I’d vote for out of those 2 based on shared values – so don’t worry about me on that on that one.

But, here’s who I’d love to have as an option.

Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Now, he was a successful governor of California. But he can’t run for President because of a law that prohibits foreign born people to take that office.

More’s the pity, because there’s many reasons to love him.

Firstly, he’s a very capable executive.

The revenue of California is bigger than most countries, and he did a great job of governing that massive state.

Secondly, being previously married to a Kennedy – the famous Democrat family – shows he’s willing to work with both sides of politics – a necessary skill to break the political log-jam in US politics.

Thirdly, of course, he’s a property investor like us.

He started off in the early 80’s with a cashflow property – a 6-unit apartment in LA.

The rent covered his mortgage so he was sitting pretty.

But, he also made sure he bought in an area with good growth potential – and boy it did grow.

In fact, it grew in value by $142,000 in 2 years. That’s huge for that time.

He then turned that $142,000 into $1 million by reinvesting it into more deals.

And, now of course he’s worth many 10’s of millions through all his real estate, royalties, and entrepreneurial endeavours.

Not bad for a semi-literate meat head from Austria!

Anyway, that’s my pic for President, although of course there are many other capable choices.

But, even if we can’t have the ‘Austrian Oak’ in the Whitehouse, you can replicate his cashflow strategy.

You see, up till now, it’s been almost impossible to buy cashflow properties in Australia…unless you go to a small regional town in the middle of nowhere.

But, now a new strategy makes it possible.

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