Graeme Jarrry did a project that made $106,000 in 8 months... by splitting one block of land into two.


Graeme was a hard working everyday Australian.

He was earning good money. But was working hard slog. 12 hour days.

Not only that, he feared for his job prospects for the future – because of uncertainty in his industry.

He knew he needed a different way to move forward if he was ever going to enjoy financial security and choices in life.

Luckily, he met property investor Nhan Nguyen at a real estate education conference. Nhan showed him how to create big money through small developments.

Soon after, found a perfect development block not far from his home.

It was a home on a large block.

He realised he could easily split the block into two – effectively getting a free block of land.

Grame bought this old home and demolished it. Then he split the land into two blocks of land.

Then he simply sold off the two blocks of land to people who wanted to get into the market affordably. The project took nearly eight months from start to getting paid - which was a little longer than he expected. But, the project still made $106,000 after all expenses!

A great result, considering he only put about 5 hours a week into the project.

Graeme will likely complete 5 or 6 deals like this in 2016. He’s already done several.

This is his pathway to a financially independent life. Now, he’s in the driver’s seat of his financial future. He feels in control.

Plus, because he only spends a few hours a week developing properties - he’s got an abundance of spare time for fishing…and travelling to places like Barcelona on holiday.

How to turn $0 into $53,0000 in 8 months

But here’s the most amazing part.

Believe it or not, Graeme didn’t put a cent of his own money into this deal.

Nhan, showed him how to get someone else to fund the deal – and then they split the profits 50%-50%.

Sure, he made less money – about $53,000. But, he still turned $0 into $53,000.

And now, Nhan’s going to show you how to do small developments for big money…even without putting money into the deal yourself…at his new ‘Small Developments Made Easy’ event.

Discover Nhan’s Secret of Property Developments Made Easy

Everyday Australians doing Cracker Deals!

But it’s not just Graeme making big money from simple deals.

Here’s some example of Nhan’s students - everyday Australians doing ‘cracker deals’….

A full time carer created just shy of $500,000 of profit by turning 2 blocks of land into 6

Leon & Katherine bought a property for $250,000. Renovated it. And made about $100,000 in profit.

Adam P. turned 2 houses into 5 Townhouses - using very little of his own money. While working 60 hours a week in his full time job

The reason Nhan’s clients get such great results is because what he teaches is based on 10+ years of trial and error doing over $30 million of property deals including splitters, subdivisions, strata titling, house and land packages, property options, townhouse developments and more!

At this FREE Event you’ll also discover:

  • How 2 investors made over $98,000 profit in 2 months – by using a little known website. Not or domain, or a foreclosure website. But it’s packed with bargains!
  • How a full time carer made just shy of $500,000 profit. Without putting a cent of her own money into the deal
  • How a NSW investor got $200,000 of extra money to buy real estate – using just her mobile phone!
  • Where to find sizzling cashflow deals – within 15km of the capital city. Yes, do they exist. Here’s how to find them.
  • Backyard Dollars! How an everyday employee turned her own backyard into a $140,000
  • The ‘magic sentence’ to say to real estate agents to find ‘cracker deals’. Works like a charm almost every time.

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Sat, September 17

Conducted by Nhan Nguyen

The Colmslie Hotel
Wynnum Rd, Brisbane QLD 4170

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9.00am - 12.30pm (8.30am Registration)

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Sun, September 18

Conducted by Nhan Nguyen

Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach
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9.00am - 12.30pm (8.30am Registration)

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