One of the worst predictions in history….

Humans are often really bad at predicting the future.

One of the biggest reasons for this, is we think it’s largely going to be the same as the past.

This is called ‘Normalcy bias’.

Take Blockbuster movie rentals.

At its peak it has 60,000 employees and 8,000 stores.

Here’s what they said in 1999.

“Investor concern over the threat of new technologies is overstated.” —Blockbuster analyst report, 1999

Now, of course Netflix etc. have eaten their lunch.

This is a company that could have easily eaten Netflix for breakfast when it was beginning.

They could have dominated internet TV.

It was a billion-dollar company.

But they missed the bus.

And, went into bankruptcy protection in 2010.

Because, they thought the past would equal the future.

If you’re not savvy to the data, it’s easy for property investors to think that the future will look like the

But the truth is, markets move in cycles.

Suburbs and cities boom…then they flat-line. Meanwhile, other suburbs and cities start to soar.  

So if you want to go make serious money in the next 3 years, you need to know what’s up with the latest market

The good news is at the upcoming property wealth masterclass…

Todd Polke’s going to guide you through the current property market…and what to expect next….based on the
latest data.

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