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Anthony Robbins #1 Way to ‘Photocopy’ Yourself Rich

When Anthony Robbins wanted to master money, what did he do? Go and read the Wall Street Journal and study financial charts all day? Go back to university to study finance? Nope. Here’s what he did. He interviewed 50 billionaires to find out how they grow, multiply...

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Lifesaving Seaweed & Simple Habits to Make You Rich & Slim

Did you know that your life is made possible by…. Seaweed. Huh, Seaweed? Yep, those funny plants growing in the ocean - that my little girl is terrified of - allow us all to survive on this planet. That’s because, Seaweed produces more than half the worlds oxygen. So,...

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Secret ‘Glasses’ for 200K Real Estate Profits?

Property investor, Nhan shared with me something interesting recently. When he’s travelling through a city or a suburb he sees properties in “colours”  i.e he sees them in the colour of  their zoning potential. For example, he might see a property in light pink...

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Donald Trump’s Dream vs Amazon Selling

Donald Trump wants to have a military parade through Washington DC. I wondered if he’s ordered 100,000 flags with his ‘great leader’ face on it for people to wave as the rockets and tanks go past. Blue Steel! Well, everyone’s got to have a dream I guess. My friend...

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Don’t ride a lawn mower to financial freedom

Did you know Lawn Mower Racing is a sport? And no, I am not making this up. I guess the challenge with this sport is even if you win, you’re still only the fastest lawn-mower racer! (They go around 35mph on the track). Now if you were the worlds fastest Maserati...

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