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5 Warren Buffett Quotes to Make You Richer

Warren Buffett is one of the richest people on the planet – and a lovely guy as well, who’s committed most of his wealth to charity. Here are five quotes from the man himself that will help you get richer. Quote #1 “I always knew I was going to be rich. I don’t think...

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52 people give this lady $961 per month – every month!

Hey! A friend of mine has an amazing ‘buy and hold’ investing strategy…. Giving her an average of around $961 positive cash flow profit per tenant – per month. But, here’s the most amazing part. She has 52 tenants…. So that means, she’s banking as much as $50,000...

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$100 Millionaire says “Work Less Make More Money”?

One of the guys I love to study and learn from is Richard Koch. This is a guy who does around 1 hour of work a day – yet he’s amassed over $100 million through his businesses and investments. The rest of the time he spends riding his bike around the beautiful...

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3 Tips from The 4-Hour Work Week

Has work gotten on top of you? Are you taking on so much that you’ve completely lost the balance between your work and personal life? When’s the last time you spent real quality time with your family? You might not like your answers to those questions. And you’re not...

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[Free Book] Room-by-Room Guide To Renovate For Profit

Renovating is one of my favorite wealth creation strategies. That’s because the ROI can be so great if you do it right. Every $1 dollar you spend on a white paint can turn into $10 of capital value uplift. Plus, if you renovate your own home, you not only boost your...

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Live Amazon Event: Young Mum Makes $3,500 in a 1 Day?

Meet Claire. Claire launched her Amazon business 3 years ago with the goal of giving up her job so she could run a business from home. Knowing she wanted a family….and knowing that she would not want to return to work after having a baby… Claire built up her business...

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