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She made $110,000 in 6 weeks?

Do you think it’s possible for someone with an average salary, limited time on their hands, and no savings to build a six-figure property income in a matter of weeks? As it turns out, the answer is YES In fact, can you guess what these professions all have in common?...

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Smart Phone “Crack Cocaine” in your Home?

You shout the house down trying to get the kids to come to the table for dinner. Eventually, you give up and go to them instead. Then you see it. Your kids have their faces buried in their phones. Bathed in the glow of the screen, they're so absorbed that they haven't...

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No room for mistakes

Over the last few days I've been urging you to download Nhan Nguyen's free report, “The Seven Rules For Making Money In Today’s Property Market.” Over 1,000 property investors have already downloaded this report. Have you?  Download your free copy now This report...

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Have you downloaded your copy yet?

In my last email, I shared a great resource from my friend (and property millionaire,) Nhan Nguyen. Have you downloaded it yet? The Seven Rules For Making Money In Today’s Property Market Nhan has made a lot of money in the last 15 years using the seven rules he...

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5 Success Tips from Warren Buffett’s ‘Side-Kick’….

Billionaire Charlie Munger used to joke his kids thought he was a “book with two legs sticking out” because that’s what he looked like most of the time. He loves reading and learning – specifically he likes researching useful ‘systems and models’ to follow that makes...

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FW: 2019 predictions

I’m forwarding you an email I received from fellow property investor, Nhan Nguyen, about where the property market is headed. I strongly recommend you read it now. PURE GOLD! ---------- Forwarded message --------- From: Nhan Nguyen Date: Wed, Sep 19, 2018 at 10:28 AM...

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“Houdini” Secret to Triple Your Sales

One of my hobbies is magic. Give me a bunch of 4 year old’s at a Christmas party and they will be “bewildered” by my amazing tricks. (Any older than that and they cotton on pretty quick)…. However, while I am not great at magic – I do love watching masters of sleight...

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Scandalous Money Habits of Super-Income Earners

So, there was a bunch of lawyers in a court case recently because they left one law firm to join another. And, their ‘non-compete’ contract states, they can’t work for another firm for 6 months. This means, they can’t earn the sort of income they are used to for that...

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3 “No-BS” Secrets for Cashflow Freedom

If you want to achieve financial freedom here’s 3 proven principles to make it much quicker and easier for you… 1.    Buy a house that costs less than you can afford.  If you max yourself out on your home, you’ll find the money you would’ve spent buying assets is...

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