(Photo) The ‘’ghost“ property shark

This is the haunting ghost shark.

It roams deep down in the ocean 1000’s of feet below the surface.

And frankly, it looks…ghostly. Thus the name.

There are also ‘’ghost sharks’’ in the property market.

These are people that will aim to get you to buy properties that are in their best interest – not yours.

But just like a ghost…you won’t see them for what they are….until the deal is done!

How do you protect yourself from these deadly menaces to your wealth?

Knowledge. That’s the secret.

My property law professor at university used to tell me stories of what happens when ‘’sleaze meets wood-duck’.

I.e. when a sharp operator does a deal with someone who doesn’t know their ass from a hole in the ground.

It’s not pretty.

Hot tip: Please don’t you be the wood duck.

How do you get the knowledge so that you can kick big goals in property…. without being taken advantage of by any of the people you deal with?

The best place to get started is at Todd Polke’s one-day property education event. That’s because he’ll talk you through the 3 most important areas of successful investing.

1. Property Finance Strategy – How to get finance for multiple properties – without making rookie mistakes

2. Property Selection – How to find properties that double in value in the shortest possible time – that are in your budget and fit your personal situation

3. Property Millionaire Psychology – The daily habits and philosophies of millionaire investors

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