(Photo) Triplex in the Backyard

Some of the deals Nhan Nguyen pulls of simply astound me.

Take this one.

Looking at this backyard what do you think you could put in it? Maybe a townhouse? A granny flat?

Not Nhan Nguyen. He was able to put in the backyard! That’s 4 dwellings in total on that property.

Nhan must have mastered Tetris as a child to squeeze that one in.

Now, this one deal is now making a really healthy positive cashflow after all expenses, – providing a really healthy passive income for Nhan and his family.


Of course, there’s a special knack to making deals like this work.

You’ve got to know how to find them – and make the numbers work.

And that’s what Nhan’s going to talk to you about at his upcoming event. He’ll also walk you through this deal – and how he made it all work.

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