(Photo) Want to go to the moon? You’ll need to fill in this form

When Neil Armstrong came back from the moon he had to fill in this customs/declaration form.

He didn’t have any shells or produce to declare – he had moon dust!

Anyway, this points to something we all know.

Governments and councils are nothing if not thorough in their demands for paperwork compliance.

This is part of what can make small developments such a hassle.

It can feel like forever and a day to hear back from council with the DA for a project.

And then you’ve got all the paper work around financing construction to deal with.

This is part of the genius of Nhan’s investing system – he keeps things as simple as possible, while still aiming for maximum profit.

Take this project for example.

Rather than going through all the trouble of building lots of homes.

He just split off the land into 9 lots….and then sold them off one by one to investors and first home buyers.

This lead to $570,000 profit in just 6 months. That’s because simple can = fast!

If you want to discover more about Nhan’s ‘fast track’ way to big money from small developments….

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