(Pre-Event Series) How to ‘Hack’ Kiyosaki’s ‘Cashflow Quadrant’

Where are you right now in Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant?

Employee (E) – Has a job. You work for money.

Self-Employed (S) – owns a job. Work for money – but possibly with more autonomy over your time.

Business Owner (B) – You own a business system that makes money for you.

Investor (I) – Money makes money for you.

Now, Financial liberation comes when you can be in the “I’ column and make money work for you.

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But, how do you get there in the fastest possible time, in the safest possible way?

The simple answer is you acquire cash-generating investments to replace your employee income.

Now, many people in Australia aim to do that through real estate.

The challenge is in Australia the yields are so low that it’s very hard to do – most properties are negative cashflow or neutral at best.

Whereas, Robert Kiyosaki only buys properties that give him ‘net passive income’.

This means, the rental income covers the loan and expenses – with ample money left over for him.

This is called ‘positive cashflow’, and it’s allowed Robert to reportedly buy over 1,400 properties!

However, only in 1 in 1,000 Aussie properties gives you positive cashflow.

They are like finding a tiny needle in a giant haystack!

This is why most Aussie investors fork out money each month to fund their portfolio.

But, luckily, Australia’s “Queen of Cashflow” Helen Tarrant has “cracked the code” to getting passive income from real estate in Australia.

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In fact, she’s using it to generate over $870 per day in net passive income – that’s money in her pocket after property loan and expenses.

Her secret? She buys affordable positive cashflow commercial properties – cafes, offices and the like, with long-term tenants in place.

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