Purple Haired Hippie refuses to move from her tree-house home

A lady in Florida has lived in a tree house in for 25 years.

Now, this is not your everyday tree-house.

It has a fridge….stove, camper oven etc.

But as you can imagine, when the council visited to inspect it…

They almost had kittens!

It broke every housing rule in the book – plus some extras.

Now, she’s being told she has to take it down.

Inside the tree house!

She’ll likely find “you can’t fight city hall” because the council will just fine her into the stone age.

On the other hand, Nhan Nguyen has found over the years that you can work with council to achieve some amazing results.

For example, look at this block. You might imagine, you could put 1 house in the backyard.

However, by pushing the envelope with Council Nhan was able to fit a Triplex!

Can you imagine the positive cashflow that gushes off that bad boy!

That’s because by using the ‘free block of land’ strategy….and then putting on a multi-dwelling development….

You can super-charge your net cashflow returns!

If you want to super-charge your rental income….then make sure you join Nhan for his webcast tonight.

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