(Rant Alert) I’ve got to get this off my chest…

So, a friend of mine Helen Tarrant has created a $6,000 per week passive income from property investing.

That’s net positive cashflow, after loan repayments, and property expenses (but before tax).

Now, that’s a big deal, because I don’t know many people who have achieved that.

So give her wholehearted applause!


I shared about her results on Facebook…and this one guy said:

‘Because she’s Asian’


‘What does that have to do with anything’, was my response.

Because, here’s the distinction:

Just because, some cashed up Chinese investors, have decided to invest in Australia because our market looks cheaper than Shanghai or Beijing….

Doesn’t mean that every single Asian is loaded! (I can’t believe, I need to say this!)

The fact is Helen grew up in the West of Sydney.

She migrated from China at age 8.

Couldn’t speak a word of English.

Her mum was a cleaner. Her dad is a baker.

She was not born with a silver spoon. Or even silver chop sticks.

All, she had was the same blessing that most people reading this share – the ability to live, work and invest in such a beautiful wealthy country.

So, now that’s off my chest….

If you want to meet Helen and discover how she created over $6,000 per week passive income come along to her free intro event.

If you’re quick you can join her at Glen Waverly Ibis Hotel tomorrow (Sat) morning from 9am to 11am.

Otherwise, she’ll be running an evening event in Sydney next week, which you can book for.

If you do attend the event, make sure to come up and say hi.

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