(Revealed) 2 little-known capital growth triggers

Why do some suburbs boom – while other suburbs stay flat, or even go down in price?

The answer is desirability.

The more desirability a suburb is to owner-occupiers – the largest and most emotionally driven part of the real estate market……

The more price-growth it will generally experience. 

The question is…how do you identify what Todd Polke calls “Desire-Magnet” suburbs and get in at a good price?

The secret is to understand the ‘Attractor Factors’ that drive desirability.

This is what Todd Polke’s going to be talking about at “Deals on Fire”…and it’s a vital talk for you to listen to, if you’re planning on investing in the next 12 months.

That’s because a lot of the ‘attractor factors’ are often not talked about.

  • For example, one study in Melbourne saw properties go up value by $19,000 for every 1% increase in VCE score over 40 at local state schools.  So, school zoning is a critical element to look at.
  • Median strips – a study showed there was $33,000 price uplift in areas with a median strip, because it improves the liveability and ‘feel’ of an area.

At last count Todd Polke’s research team had over 140 ‘attractor factors’ that they look for when finding ‘desire magnet’ suburbs.

And, this is what helps them find suburbs that boom – before the general market –  time and time again.

If you’d like to join Todd at Deals on Fire, and get more insight into the most important ‘attractor factors’  that cause price growth…make sure you register your free ticket now….because tickets are going fast…

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