Robert Kiyosaki –“I have approximately 1,400 little green houses – each paying us monthly’

Many folks got inspired to start investing in property by reading Robert Kiyosaki’s ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ books.

So I thought I’d share some of his best tips for wealth and success….

12 Top Quotes from Robert Kiyosaki

Assets put money into your pocket, whether you work or not, and liabilities take money from your pocket.

I’m a cashflow guy, if it doesn’t make me money today, forget about it.

Every time I hear a politician mention the word stimulus, my mind flashes back to high school biology classes, when I touched battery wires to a dead frog to make it twitch.

The rich continue to get rich the same way they always have – by understanding how money works and making their money work for them.

I began playing Monopoly for Real When I was 26 years old. Today my wife and I have approximately 1,400 little green houses – each paying us monthly. You do not have to be a rocket scientist or to have a Harvard degree to play Monopoly for real.

At my lowest point I was nearly $700,000 in debt.

I explain the law of compensation like this – Returns are minimal in spite of massive effort at the start, yet returns can be massive with minimal effort over time.

An example of good debt is the debt on the apartment houses I own. That debt is good as long as there are tenants to pay my mortgages. If tenants stop paying their rent, my good debt turns into bad debt.

The only difference between a rich person and poor person is how they use their time” – Robert Kiyosaki

“One of the most important things a real investor needs to say is this; I want my money back and I also want to keep my investments.”

“Leverage is the reason some people become rich and others do not become rich.”

“Thinking is hard work. When you are forced to think, you expand your mental capacity. When you expand your mental capacity, your wealth increases.”

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