Robert Kiyosaki’s Roadmap to Financial Freedom

In Robert Kiyosaki’s bestselling book Rich Dad, Poor Dad he explains how the truly wealthy don’t need to work hard for their money.

Because they make their money work hard for them.

He also points out that most people are stuck in the same cycle.

They don’t learn enough about money and wealth creation at school so they have to go to work each day to cover their cost of living expenses.

That leaves them with not as much time as they’d like to enjoy life. Does that sound familiar?

If you’re looking to ‘shift’ your ‘wealth gears’, then the first thing you need to do is understand Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Quadrant.

Robert Kiyosaki’s  Cashflow Quadrant.

The Cashflow Quadrant breaks down people’s source of income into 4 categories.

E – E stands for employees. This means you are earning a salary while effectively working to make someone else wealthy.

S – Stands for Self Employed. These folks are working for themselves which may offer them more personal freedom – but they often have very little “leverage”. This means they are not making money if they are not working.

B – Stands for Business Owners. This means you own a business that can generate cash flow – without your day to day input.

I –Stands for the Professional Investors of the world. They’re the people who have the most freedom – because they make their money work for them.

How to Crack the Code to the Cashflow Quadrant?

A great transition from being an employee into the ‘B’ and “I” quadrant is an Amazon business.

That’s because Amazon does so much of the heavy lifting for you – it’s very leveraged.

They warehouse your products, let you list your product on their website to sell to their customers, and even handle the shipping and refunds for you.

You just need to find the right product to sell to their enormous customer base.

Here’s a free webinar to show you how to get started the right way.

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