“Safe” jobs at risk in the great disruption ahead

In what might seem like poetic justice for Taxi Drivers….now Uber drivers are at risk of having their incomes disrupted.


Because Uber has just ordered 24,000 Volvo SUV’s to be used for its planned driverless car service.

When you think about it makes perfect sense.

First Uber got free of the big cost of government licensing etc. for their taxi cars, making them heaps cheaper than taxis.

And, now they are trying to get rid of their biggest cost…human drivers!

This could multiply their profits x 3 if they can get it done.

And, this is the biggest challenge for humans today in our society.

So many of our jobs are at risk from Artificial intelligence, automation, robots, and of course outsourcing.

And, it’s not just workers in ‘obvious’ high risk areas such as retail & transport that need to be afraid.

Just last night, my friend was telling me about a local suburban accountancy form in Melbourne that recently cut about 70% of its work-force…through automation and outsourcing to the Philippines.

Profits have gone through the roof and remaining workers have got pay raises.

But, meanwhile, those high paying middle-class jobs are gone.

The scary part?

Some of those down-sized accountants are probably driving ubers now – and now that’s being disrupted as well!

Change is never ending, and it’s happening so fast.

So how do you protect yourself and prosper?

One of the key suggestions my friend had – an ex McKinsey/Investment Banker guy – was to replace your income as soon as possible.

Because disruption is coming faster than you think…and everyone thinks their jobs safe until it isn’t.

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