(“Sardine” Cashflow Secret) While others make 3% yields…. these guys make 8%+ – in the same suburbs!

I’ve got a group of friends who are all active property investors.

I’m always gob-smacked by their deals.

While others are getting 3% yields in Melbourne and Sydney…. they get up to 8%.

How? I call it the ‘Sardine secret’ – they buy/create housing that can squeeze in a lot more people per square metre.

More people = more rental income.

In fact, many people would only need to do 2 or 3 of these sort of deals and they would have a retirement income.

Anyway, they’ve learnt their cashflow secrets from Dymphna Boholt, so if you need more cashflow go and check out here upcoming event in your city.

Here’s the link:


Hustle on over and register now, because you’ll get dozens of ideas to get ahead in real estate – cashflow and growth – in 2016.

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